Tell your legislators to vote NO on Senate Bill 2044!

Updated: February 20, 2019

SB 2044 is another attempt by the energy industry to protect their interests at the expense of people’s first amendment rights.

The bill is an attack on the freedom of assembly and association: SB 2044 would hold organizations organizing protests liable for the actions of people at the protest, even if the organization did not explicitly support the action. Also organizations aiding protestors (i.e. providing them food or water) could also be held liable.  No organization or organizer can control all the actions of those who attend a demonstration or the actions of people they provide goods or services.

The bill is an attack on freedom of speech: Here is how SB 2044 impacts free speech rights: For example if protesters chant a generic slogan, such as “Stop the pipeline”, and other protesters then proceed to trespass on property and engage in civil disobedience, a protester who simply joined the chant could potentially be charged for having “encouraged” the act. However, the protester’s chant is protected speech under the First Amendment.

The language in the bill regarding liability is vague: The collective liability provisions of the bill is not only broad, but also vague. The U.S Supreme Court has held that a law is unconstitutionally vague when it does not “give a person of ordinary intelligence a reasonable opportunity to know what is prohibited, so that he may act accordingly.” Terms in SB 2044the bill like “impede, inhibit” for example are too vague and could potentially apply to someone campaigning against a pipeline project.

This is a coordinated effort by the fossil fuel industry to take away your constitutional rights: This legislation is model legislation being pushed by special interests in several states to protect specific types of infrastructure and to chill public protest. American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), who represents corporate energy interests, is pushing this legislation.

Tell your legislators to vote NO on Senate Bill 2044!

The bill’s language is vague and could potentially frame peaceful protest activities as a crime.

We cannot allow this attack on our rights.

Click this link to tell your legislators to VOTE NO on 2044: