The Fight is Not Over! Update on Proposed Refinery Near National Park

Updated: February 27, 2019

Dakota Resource Council affiliate, Badlands Are Resource Council (BARC), is still fighting to keep a refinery from being built 3 miles from Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Although the company would like everyone to think that the refinery is a done deal, that is far from the reality on the ground.  

Though local courts have sided with the company there are still several potential legal avenues through appeals that could result in closer scrutiny of the refinery or halting of construction outright. In addition, there are still several permits that the company has not applied for yet.

Most important is the message that this fight is not over.

A continued and expanded effort to get widespread public awareness via social media, public events, letters to the editor, editorial meetings, local, state, and national media outlets, and person to person discussions is in the works. Local members are still active and working hard to preserve the quiet country life they expect in rural North Dakota. They hope that public concern and The People’s desire to protect our public lands from industrial creep will pressure agencies to make good decisions. If this encroachment is allowed on the doorstep of this national park, it puts all other Parks and public lands at risk.