Tell the ND House of Representatives to Vote NO on 2044

Updated: March 1, 2019

Senate Bill 2044 crossed chambers and is going to be heard in the House of Representatives Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Thursday March 7, at 10:30.

What does this bill do?

SB 2044 increases criminal penalties for people who damage, deface, tamper with, impede, or inhibit the construction of or operation of “critical infrastructure”. The bill defines “critical infrastructure” as mainly fossil fuel infrastructure, like pipelines, power stations, or oil wells etc. The bill also has a conspirator clause, which holds organizations liable for civil fines if the organization is determined to have conspired with the person responsible for doing an illegal act on a piece of “critical infrastructure”.

Who is behind SB 2044?

SB 2044 is part of a national movement led by the fossil fuel industry to provide more protections to fossil fuel companies in an effort to prevent activities like the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. Similar bills are being introduced all over the United States. So far, similar bills been introduced in Colorado, Montana, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wyoming and many
other states.

Many of the bills have a similar origin, American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC. ALEC represents various corporate interests and provides legislators with model legislation to pass on behalf of corporate interests. SB 2044 is an example of one of those bills.

Want more background info?

You can look on the ALEC website to see the model legislation that was used for SB 2044 here:

What can you do to urge North Dakota Legislators to vote this down?

Fill out the form below to send an email to the House of Representatives Energy and Natural Resource Committee, and share with your friends and family.

Oppose SB 2044

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