Local Organizing

DRC believes that the most enduring change comes from the bottom up, and that there are so many North Dakotans with good ideas but not much influence. That’s why we have been organizing locally since 1978. Currently, DRC has six local affiliates.


Badlands Area Resource Council. Formed initially in 1998 to keep Dickinson’s landfill public, BARC went on to work with Belfield residents to prevent channelization of the Heart River through town and later played a major role in DRC’s GM wheat victory. For more information, contact BARC organizer Cecilia Montesdeoca (224-8587, or BARC chair Linda Weiss at 575-4234.


Fort Berthold Protectors of Water and Earth Rights (P.O.W.E.R.). Fort Berthold P.O.W.E.R. is DRC’s newest affiliate, formed in 2015. P.O.W.E.R. members, who are both enrolled members of Three-Affiliated Tribes and other residents around Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, have been organizing since April 2013, when a group of tribal elders decided there was a necessity for community-based action around oil and gas extraction within the boundaries of the reservation. For more information, contact DRC oil and gas organizer Nicole Donaghy at 202-0927.


Grand Forks County Citizens Coalition. GFC3, formed in 2000, won a landmark victory in 2005 by winning a Turtle River Township decision to reject Grand Forks’ application to build its new city landfill on a site prone to overland flooding. The city has taken the township to court. GFC3 has begun work with Lakeville Township residents to prevent a landfill on a similar site there.  For more information, contact the DRC office at 224-8587.


McKenzie County Energies and Taxation Association. DRC’s oldest affiliate, MCETA won many early victories on oil and gas issues and later led DRC’s effort to win a vote on the beef checkoff by producers. MCETA’s efforts led to the first wind measurement program in the county. Call the DRC office at 224-8587 or Donny Nelson at 675-2417 for more information.


Missouri Valley Resource Council. MVRC formed in 2001 and played an important role in developing Burleigh County’s first riverfront zoning.  Later the group won improved access by anglers to EPA fish consumption advisories related to mercury.  Most recently, MVRC persuaded the Bismarck City Commission to offer plastic recycling at its five most used collection points. Call DRC office at 224-8587.


South Agassiz Resource Council. Formed in Fargo in 2005, SARC collected more than 3,700 petition signatures to bring its 2020 initiative to a vote. SARC has also worked with city officials to incorporate numerous energy-saving features into its blueprint for the new Fargo City Library. For more information, contact the DRC office at 224-8587.




Have a local issue you need help with?

Many of DRC’s most important local efforts have started with a phone call from a concerned resident.

For more information, contact the DRC office at 224-8587 for a frank discussion about local issues and organizing possibilities in your area.