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Who Are DRC Affiliates?

Affiliates are a localized group of DRC members who come together to work on issues happening right in or near to where they live. Every member of an affiliate is also a member of DRC but the affiliates are able to work on the issues that they want as long as they fall in line with DRC’s mission and vision. If that issue fits certain criteria as a good campaign for DRC, that affiliate will be given organizer time and other resources of DRC to assist them in meeting the goals of that campaign. New affiliates can be created if there are enough local people willing to work to keep it going. Current DRC affiliates include Badlands Area Resource Council (BARC), Fort Berthold Protectors of Water & Earth Rights (POWER), McKenzie County Energies & Taxation Association (MCETA), and Missouri Valley Resource Council (MVRC).

Badlands Area Resource Council

Members are from the Killdeer, Dickinson, and Medora area. Formed in 1998 around keeping the Dickinson Landfill public, later campaigns include protecting the Heart River and opposing both genetically modified wheat and the proposed South Heart Mine. Currently, BARC is working to relocate the Davis Refinery from being just outside Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Fort Berthold Protectors of Water and Earth Rights

Fort Berthold Reservation is one of the most oil rich reservations in the United States. With more than 1,500 active oil and gas wells, Fort Berthold is currently experiencing both the environmental and social impacts and the financial benefits of the Bakken oil boom.

Over the past decade, members of Fort Berthold Protectors of Water & Earth Rights (POWER) have witnessed environmental degradation, a rise in crime, and deconstruction of social fabric of once small town communities. In 2015, Fort Berthold POWER was formed to counteract the devastating effects of the Bakken oil boom.

The mission of Fort Berthold POWER is to conserve and protect the land, water, and air on which all life depends. We are committed to work toward a sustainable society with an awareness for all life.  We will promote unity with our communities, partners, leaders, and the world around us.

McKenzie County Energies and Taxation Association

DRC’s oldest affiliate, MCETA historically has worked on issues surrounding energy and cattle. MCETA won many early victories on oil and gas issues and later led DRC’s effort to win a vote on the beef checkoff by producers. MCETA’s efforts in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s led to the first wind measurement program in the county.

Missouri Valley Resource Council

MVRC formed in 2001 and played an important role in developing Burleigh County’s first riverfront zoning.  Later the group won improved access by Missouri river anglers to EPA fish consumption advisories related to mercury.  Most recently, MVRC persuaded the Bismarck City Commission to adopt single sort curbside recycling.

Fargo-Moorhead C.L.E.A.N.

DRC’s newest affiliate, Citizens Local Energy Action Network, (CLEAN) is on a mission to create a cleaner, safer place to live and work through innovation in our approach to energy supplies. CLEAN is committed to bringing the benefits of sustainable clean energy and a circular economy to our region. We invite you to join us in this mission to build a better and clean energy future.

Connect Locally
Connect Locally Connect with others members in your area by joining a local affiliate. DRC members organize on local issues through a network of affiliate organizations located throughout the state. Affiliates work with DRC staff to craft a strategy that utilizes local leverage and member’s skills to achieve the groups goals. Affiliate members pay an additional fee beyond the DRC membership to support the budget of the local group. Affiliates govern themselves in accordance with their bylaws and hold their own annual meeting each year.

Upcoming Events

When: June 6th from 7-8pm
Where: Sertoma Park, Shelter 4
What: Hour To Empower, Bismarck-Mandan

Missouri Valley Resource Council

When: TBD
Where: TBD
What: Hour To Empower, Bismarck-Mandan

Missouri Valley Resource Council