Clean Energy

DRC members take actions to ensure safe and responsible energy development and that new power production doesn’t leave costs and obligations to future generations. We recognize that North Dakota currently relies heavily on fossil fuels as a leading industry and that people currently depend on fossil fuels in their everyday lives. As time goes on we learn more and more about the impacts fossil fuel emissions have on the environment and human health. In order to address the disastrous impacts of climate change, we support establishing a foundation for a just transition to a more sustainable, green energy economy. A just transition is a planned shift to address energy needs through sustainable renewable green energy to avert further climate crisis and for our benefit and that of future generations. The shift we envision is a long-term strategic plan to ensure that no one gets left behind, and everyone has a seat at the planning table, as the national energy economy adapts to meet consumers new needs.

DRC’s clean energy working groups’ works-in progress include address concerns on the Green Revolution Exhibit at the North Dakota Heritage Center and submitting comments on the Clean Energy Incentive Program on the federal Clean Power Plan.