Dakota Resource Council

CLEAN Energy

Community Focus

We foster partnerships with area businesses, government, community leaders, and our neighbors to build consensus across the political spectrum, aiming at providing a cleaner and, ultimately, a more livable environment. CLEAN is not a political group; our goal is to inform our community of new technologies, initiatives and systems that will aid in keeping our environment vibrant and clean.

We have a broad outlook that fits under the saying, think globally, act locally. This gives us the ability to connect more closely with our area communities, providing local solutions and a forum to help in the transition to a more sustainable energy infrastructure.

Committed to the Environment

As part of that commitment, CLEAN is deeply involved in developing plans, driving studies and providing information to the public and government officials on the harmful effects of fossil fuel energy and the potential offered by developing a sustainable energy structure.

CLEAN Energy Goals

  • Sustainable energy supplies
  • Emission reductions
  • Energy efficiency improvement
  • Alternative transportation fuels
  • A cleaner future!
Concerned about the Summit Pipeline?
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3. Landowners Know Your Rights:

Landowners: Know Your Rights Regarding Voluntary Easements, Eminent Domain, and the Summit Carbon Solutions Pipeline.

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