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People Organizing For A Prosperous and healthy North Dakota Since 1978

The of Dakota Resource Council

DRC’s mission is to promote sustainable use of North Dakota’s natural resources and family-owned and operated agriculture by building member-led local groups that empower people to influence the decision-making processes that affect their lives and communities.

How You Can Get Involved?

Here are a few ways you can get involved in the work we do.

Our Current Issues

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas development can and must be done right, without polluting our land, air, and water or leaving landowners and taxpayers with the costs of cleanup. Dakota Resource Council is organizing to reduce flaring and venting of natural gas, ensuring safe and responsible disposal of oilfield waste, and working to make oil trains and oil pipelines safer.

Coal Country

Dakota Resource Council (DRC) is committed to making sure that North Dakota’s land is reclaimed after coal mining in a timely manner and that reclamation quality standards are met. DRC is engaged in supporting community members in Coal Country lead the way in building resilient communities to ensure there is a viable future after coal.

Agriculture and Food

Dakota Resource Council was founded by farmers and ranchers in the 1970s. Protecting family farms and ranches is the core of DRC’s mission. Since the 1970s DRC has worked on many important agricultural issues including working to save family farms during the farm crisis of the 1980s, working to ensure ranchers are fairly compensated for their livestock, working to ensure genetically modified wheat did not expand into North Dakota, and working to defend North Dakota’s anti-corporate farming law.

The Dakota Resource Council