And the Art and Grace Link Volunteer Leadership Award is…

Curt Stofferahn

On November 6th, we held our 43rd Annual Meeting on Zoom.

Every year, we have the “Art and Grace Link Volunteer Leadership Award”. This year, the award went to DRC Chair, Curt Stofferahn. Curt has given a lot of his personal time to DRC to make sure that the organization gets what it needs to run smoothly. He has been dedicated to DRC causes and has taken time to get involved in meetings, events and conversations with members. Curt has been a DRC member for 30+ years. It all started with his dad and brother being members with an issue in the area of their farm. The Stofferahn household was considered a DRC headquarter office in Eastern North Dakota because they gave organizers a bed to sleep in during organizing trips and the Stofferhn family let the staff use the dining room table to lay out the work ahead.So with that, Curt…thank you for your time and dedication over this past year and for the previous years!

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