New art show and auction invites commentary *DEADLINE EXTENDED*

Call for entries on agriculture and food, oil and gas, and clean energy and coal issues


It’s no secret that many members of the DRC community are talented artists. Whether it’s mainstream mediums like photography or painting, or more traditional methods like sewing, beading, or textiles, creatives have a different lens through which to process issues that impact North Dakota. This lens could be: What are we fighting to protect in North Dakota? What’s happening in different parts of our state, both positive and negative (or somewhere in between)?

We’re inviting artists from across North Dakota to submit works of art for the DRC Art Show & Auction, debuting at the DRC Annual Meeting on Oct. 21-22 in New Town, ND. Categories include fine art (painting, drawing, sculpture, illustration, digital art), photography, music, and writing. Visual art pieces will be part of a silent auction, and writing and music entries will be incorporated into the lunchtime entertainment during the annual meeting.

A formal call for entries will be sent to all DRC members and extended to various art communities around the state. What we’re asking for as the contribution is a finished work that serves as commentary on the issues of agriculture and food, oil and gas, and clean energy and coal. Artists will be encouraged to suggest a minimum donation for the piece and attend the auction in New Town and/or record a video talking about their work, which will be posted on our website along with the artist’s contact information. Artists will receive a 20% commission on auction works! Auction sales invest in DRC’s work of community-based, grassroots efforts in agriculture and food, clean energy, and oil and gas.

Please see the registration form below for more information. Can you help us spread the word about this creative outlet for commentary on significant issues that affect North Dakota.


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