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September 1, 2015 Letter to the Editor Clean Power Plan The Bismarck Tribune 

by Corrine Lee, Bismarck

The release of the finalized Clean Power Plan from the Environmental Protection Agency is good news for our whole country, but particularly for North Dakota. Our state is dead last in the nation for energy efficiency, mostly because our state’s elected leaders haven’t prioritized conserving our precious energy resources. But the Clean Power Plan will give our state and local leaders the push they need to act on this crucial issue by allowing us to count improvements in energy efficiency toward our mandate to decrease carbon pollution.

By investing in energy efficiency programs and standards, we can save money on our electric bills, clean up our air and protect our natural environment, all in one fell swoop. I know I could certainly stand to save on my utility bills — and many North Dakota families feel the same pressure, especially in the winter months when heating gets so expensive.

Thank you to the EPA and President Barack Obama for leading our nation toward a clean energy economy with green jobs, clean air, a stable climate and lower utility bills. Our state and local elected officials should follow their lead.


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