Davis Refinery Air Quality Permit Application On Hold

Members of Badlands Area Resource Council (BARC) and Dakota Resource Council would like to thank the North Dakota Department of Health Air Quality Division for asking the necessary questions for Meridian’s minor source permit to construct for the proposed Davis Refinery in Fryburg.

Meridian Energy Group Inc. has been saying that the Davis Refinery, sited to be three miles from the national park, is going to be the cleanest facility ever. On May 15th the North Dakota Department of Health put their air quality permit application on hold because of emission concerns. Here are some of the highlights:

While the application indicates potential emissions will be limited to below 100 tpy for all criteria pollutants, the permit application does not provide sufficient information to support classification of the facility as a minor source (see below).

No data was provided indicating that the proposed FGCD NOx and CO emissions have been achieved in practice at an existing refinery source; let alone, maintained at these levels for any reasonable time period.

Based on the information above, NOx, CO, and VOC emissions from the Facility appear to be significantly underestimated and the Department questions, based on the level of information currently provided, that the Davis Refinery can operate at capacity and maintain emissions of all pollutants below the minor source level of 100 tons/year.

Given the information provided in the application, more detailed information must be provided prior to the Department continuing a review of the application. For a Facility of this size, in this industry, and at this proposed location, the refinery should be designed according to health, safety, economics, and operability.

Our members that live in the Belfield/Dickinson area have been keeping a close eye on the permitting process and found the May 15th letter in the NDDH open record air quality folder.

Help us spread the the word about the NDDH’s concerns for Meridian applying as a minor source.

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