DRC Statement on EPA-Obama “Clean Power Plan”

STATEMENT – DRC Statement on Obama-EPA Clean Power Plan 8.3.15


Bismarck, ND – – Dakota Resource Council (DRC) released the following statement today, regarding the Obama administration’s rollout of its “Clean Power Plan

Speaking from her home in Belfield, DRC Chair Linda Weiss said, “Since its founding, many of DRC’s campaigns have focused on North Dakota’s role in our national energy economy and how we can do better for future generations.  We are now at a unique place in our history, and it is time to step up to the plate and truly demonstrate North Dakota’s energy strength.  Right here in North Dakota, we have the resources, know-how, and time, to produce energy that does not contaminate our water and air or destroy the productive land that grows our food.

Many in the energy industry promote themselves as supporting increased production of clean renewable energy, and energy efficiency alongside fossil fuels.  These EPA rules offer an opportunity to make good on the promises, and ensure industry’s actions match their words.  ND is already a national leader in renewable energy production and research, and DRC will support efforts by the utilities, the Public Service Commission, and state leaders to move North Dakota towards smarter ways to power our lives.”




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