On #GivingTuesday, help DRC meet our membership goal!

We are only 10 new members away from our goal with 2 days left! Are you one of 10 North Dakotans who wants to shape the legacy we will leave behind?

Dakota Resource Council is close to meeting our membership goal for this time of the year, and we need your help. Our work is driven and supported by our members, who live across North Dakota and come from many different walks of life – what we have in common is our desire for accountable state government processes and responsible development, whether it’s oil and gas, clean energy, or agriculture.

DRC members come together to form enduring, democratic local groups that empower people to influence decision-making processes that affect their lives. In 2016 alone, we have worked to hold the Health Department and Health Council accountable for rampant radioactive waste mismanagement in the west, sent members to lobby our national leadership to stop the TPP, have helped facilitate national research on understudied problems like toxic fracking water spills, and helped preserve family farms by working to defeat Measure 1.

Join a network of like-minded people to organize as a community on issues that matter to you.


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