Jim Stenslie LTE to Fargo Forum

The Friday, Feb. 20, editorial by The Forum regarding the Dakota Resource Council was disturbing to me. I am a longtime member of DRC and currently a board member. I cannot find a single paragraph in that editorial that is not inaccurate or misleading. Two statements are especially upsetting.

To call us “radical environmentalists” was obviously intended as an insult. DRC is much more than that. A bit of research of our history would have enlightened The Forum of that fact. The DRC was begun by local farmers and ranchers and is still largely made up of rural people.

Secondly, the claim that our staff is “credibility challenged” is a terrible insult to Don Morrison and the marvelous staff he has put together. As a board member and one who has attended many legislative hearings and other discussions of oil/gas issues, I have been amazed by the work these people do to research the issues as they travel across the Bakken area, and as they bring support to those who have been negatively impacted by the result.

I would suggest that the credibility issue may more clearly belong to The Forum than DRC.

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