LETTER: Don’t store radioactive waste near homes, farms

Originally published in the Fargo Forum, 8.8.16

by Linda Weiss, Belfield, ND

Today, the North Dakota Health Council will hold another meeting to consider ratifying the decision to raise the threshold to dispose of radioactive waste in North Dakota. The previous decision was made at an illegitimate meeting held last August.

Despite many comments from North Dakota citizens who opposed raising the limit, the rules were pushed through, leaving western North Dakota lands open to the highest bidder who will profit from the storage and disposal of radioactive waste.

The people of North Dakota did not ask for this increase. Our health and environment should not bear the cost to store and dispose of this material near our homes, farmlands, and schools.

With the looming budget cuts, where will the state find the funding to have enough personnel to cover these facilities?

The state Health Council is the governing body of the state Department of Health. It is their duty to establish standards, rules and regulations, which are found necessary for the maintenance of public health.

We trust that the Health Council will allow impacted citizens to speak at the meeting and vote no on the increase.

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