Letter: Potential oilfield waste handler evaded safety questions at public forum

August 13, 2017

Killdeer, ND

On Aug. 3, the North Dakota Department of Health held a public hearing to take comments on the proposed radioactive material handlers permit to White Wing Limited.

One of the five owners, Brent Lansberg, presented on how his company is proposing to operate in Dunn, Mountrail, Williams and McKenzie counties. Though he read a short description of his plan of operation, many of the citizens that turned out left with many unanswered questions. From what we could glean from the little information we received is that there will be two mobile units traveling around western North Dakota that will separate and haul radioactive waste from oilfield operations.

This could be as safe as apple pie, but Lansberg refused to answer most of our questions and many of us were met with hostility when asked to clarify answers or unanswered questions. How are we supposed to trust that the Department of Health and this company has the people of North Dakota in their best interest when they are unwilling to be transparent about how they will be handling radioactive waste?

The “5 guys company” refused to talk about where they’ve tested their innovative process, if the patent is complete, or if they’ve even have experience in handling such material.

More troubling is that the Department of Health was just fine with their lack of transparency and is even willing to let them operate without any financial assurance.

Do the people of North Dakota deserve to be fleeced by a company that is not willing to share information about safety on our highways, farms and ranches? The Department of Health seems to think so. We shall see if they decide to approve a radioactive materials license in a month’s time.

Curt Kralicek


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