LETTER: Tribes & Taxpayers Should Be Paid for Wasted Resources-Lisa DeVille

On March 24th , Daryl Dukart, of the Dunn County board of Commissioners signed a letter on behalf of the Western Dakota Energy Association. The letter implores Senator Heitkamp to repeal the Bureau of Land Management’s Methane Reduction Rule because it’s a “one-size- fits all federal process.”

Repealing the BLM rules for methane reduction on federal and tribal lands will revert to rules that are nearly 40 years old and do not address the great amount of methane that’s being generated and wasted every year. Each year, oil and gas companies waste $330 million worth of natural gas through venting, flaring, and leaks of methane on public and tribal lands. On tribal lands alone that is more than $100 million worth of gas that is being wasted every year.

Common sense tells us there should be no delay in upholding these rules. Tribes and states should get paid for wasted resources. Natural gas should not be wasted. Clean air should be protected. Oil companies should be responsible corporate citizens and not fight against regulations that protect the citizens and land that they exploit.

The majority of lands that will be effected by the rules are tribal lands in North Dakota. Three Affiliated Tribes support the rule. Dukart has constituents in Fort Berthold. He should not request a repeal of rules that will affect our lands and economy.

Senator Heitkamp, Senator Hoeven do not repeal the No Waste Rule.


Lisa DeVille

Mandaree, ND
Fort Berthold POWER

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