Support Lake Region Concerned Citizens


Devils Lake, ND – Lake Region Concerned Citizens (LRCC) is a group of people who live in the Lake Region Area of Devils Lake. LRCC works to protect the land, air, and water from the confined hog factory proposed near the Northern shores of Devils Lake. LRCC’s main concern is the negative impacts that will surely come with an operation of this magnitude located close to the water source of thousands of people. If this confined hog factory is approved, many people living around the factory site and proposed nutrient application (manure) sites would be at risk from the many hazards that come along with a factory hog farm.Our community health and economy could be negatively impacted by:

  • Losing up to $89 million produced from tourism each year
  • Decreased values of homes, land, and businesses
  • Inhumane conditions and treatment of animals
  • Long-term impact of land used for waste sites
  • Lake and well water contamination from run off from manure application sites
  • Negative health effects on people
  • Poignant and noxious gases produced
  • Division of families, neighbors, and communities

Lake Region Concerned Citizens is raising money for the fight against large scale corporate confined animal factories that are aimed to exploit the natural resources of North Dakota. Please donate to Lake Region Concerned Citizens to help us continue the fight to protect our homes and our children’s future.

For more information, email or call the DRC office at 701-224-8587