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N.D. county officials slash $30M ‘man camp’ fine

Williams County, N.D., officials yesterday slashed a nearly $30 million fine against a Bakken Shale operator for housing violations.

Western Petroleum LLC and parent firm Pilot Logistics Services now face just $1.9 million in penalties for failing to secure the required permits to lodge workers in 40 recreational vehicles and nine housing units (EnergyWire, June 23).

Commissioners for Williams County, home to booming Williston, arrived at the final figure by estimating monthly rents — $700 for the RVs and $3,000 for the modular homes — and multiplying those amounts by number of units and months of noncompliance, said Ray Pacheco, head of planning and zoning for the county. They added 1 percent of the original fine for each year the companies were in violation of housing rules, he said.

Company representatives were present at the commission meeting and moved for a lower fine, around $600,000, according to Pacheco.

Western and Pilot, which have until July 18 to pay or appeal the fine, would not comment on the decision.

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