ND Land Owners Meet With DRC about Summit Pipeline

DRC Staff-March 2022

On March 8th in Oakes, ND, we had a packed meeting for our first
Landowners Forum surrounding the proposed Summit Carbon
Solutions Pipeline. DRC staff and attorney Brian Jorde discussed
the project and collective strategies that include creating a North
Dakota Easement Team to help landowners collectively fight the
pipeline. The North Dakota Easement team will connect
landowners across the state to a common messaging and legal
strategy. The best way to fight this project is for landowners to be
connected and united in their strategy and opposition. We were
delighted that three State Representatives attended the meeting:
Sen. Larry Luick, Rep. Kathy Skroch and Rep. Sebastian Ertelt.
Throughout the meeting, landowners who are personally affected
by the Summit Pipeline shared their unique insights, thoughts, and

Organizing around the Summit Carbon Solutions Pipeline is very
fulfilling. That is because this is an issue where people from all
walks of life and political persuasions can unite to benefit
themselves and their communities. DRC will hold additional
community meetings across the entire pipeline route. We are
currently looking at meeting venues in the Bismarck, Casselton,
and Ashley areas. Stay tuned for more information and updates!

For more information about this go to the DRC website at
drcinfo.org or call Eliot Huggins at 701-997-5181

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