NDDH Ground Water Protection Program’s Limited Review of Meridian Energy Group Inc #6858 Application

Email to Dakota Resource Council, March 29, 2017

Good morning,

The Department of Health (DoH) is notified of any appropriation applications received by the State Water Commission (SWC), with a request for comments (See Meridian_6858). The purpose of this review is to determine whether the appropriation will present a threat to water quality, and to determine whether there are any water quality issues that may affect the appropriation (i.e; excessive metal or nitrate concentrations).


The limited review generates three standard documents: a site map, an internal review form, and a letter containing the official comments. The site map and review form are retained on file for reference, and the letter is sent to the State Engineer, while a copy is maintained by the DoH.

In the case of the Meridian Energy Group application, the review generated additional documents. Here is a list of the documents generated during the review: (1) site map (Meridian_6858_SiteMap.pdf), (2) internal review form (Meridian_Review_Form.pdf),  (3) official comment letter (Meridian_6858_Letter.pdf), (4) simplified geologic cross section (X_Section.pdf), and (5) soil map generated from the Web Soil Survey (Meridian_Soil_Map.pdf).


During the review, it was determined that the appropriation did not appear to represent a threat to water quality, and the DoH did not object to the issuance of the permit. It is important to note that the DoH has no regulatory authority with regards to the issuing of water appropriation permits; that is held by the SWC. Only the appropriation itself and the nature of the appropriation are considered during the review process, and our comments are only advisory. However, we do request that the SWC report any changes in water quality that may be observed.


This review was only in relation to the SWC appropriations permit. Other reviews for specific environmental permits may be conducted later in the permitting process.


I have attached the listed documents to this e-mail for your convenience. For additional information regarding the MeridianEnergy Group Appropriation Application (#6858) please contact the SWC. If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me at 701-328-5296, or by e-mail. Thank you for your interest, and have a great day!

Derek Kannenberg
Environmental Scientist
North Dakota Department of Health – Water Quality Division
Groundwater Protection Program
Ph: 701-328-5296
Email: dkannenberg@nd.gov



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