North Dakota Department of Health Extends Comment Period for Proposed TENORM Rule Changes

[colored_box color=”green”]Pictured above are 3 cancer causing filter socks out of hndreds that were found in an abandoned gas station in the remote Divide County town of Noonan, ND in March 2014.[/colored_box]

Due to numerous requests, the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) has extended the deadline for submission of comments on the proposed technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM) rule changes to March 2, 2015.

Comments should be sent to Scott Radig via email at, by calling 701.328.5150, or by mail to NDDoH, Environmental Health Section, 918 East Divide Avenue, Bismarck, ND, 58501.

Further information on TENORM is available on the NDDoH website at:


For more information, contact Scott Radig, North Dakota Department of Health, at 701.328.5150.


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