North Dakota Land Owners Banning Together

Dakota landowners successfully engage County Commissions to oppose eminent domain for the Summit Carbon Solutions Pipeline:

Origins of the Organizing Effort:

The amazing grassroots effort by North Dakota landowners should not go unnoticed. As words continue to spread about the Summit Pipeline across the state—- landowners are taking action to oppose eminent domain for the project within their own communities. When this project first came to light several months ago there were many uncertainties regarding how landowners could successfully take action opposing this project given that. Summit at the time (and currently) had yet to file a permit with the Public Service. After closely monitoring and collaborating with landowners, organizers, and allies in other affected states it quickly became clear that action at the local level in the interim would be the best course of action. It also became clear that crafting a petition with language focused on preventing eminent domain would garner the broadest support statewide.

How has DRC helped with this effort:

In close consultation with landowners regarding what would most likely gain traction at the local level—-DRC drafted the petition language that has been passed within each County. DRC has been involved in educating landowners about all aspects of the project so that landowners have more information when voicing their concerns at these County Commission Meetings. Ahead of the meeting in Burleigh County, where the DRC office is based, DRC has been on the ground collecting signatures and connecting landowners who are collecting signatures within Burleigh County to information about the project.

Concrete Petition Actions:

Landowners have done amazing grassroots work collecting signatures in Richland, Sargent, Dickey, and Burleigh County. In the first 3 mentioned county’s landowners were able to collect between 130-160 signatures— a truly remarkable feat given the rural nature of these areas. In Burleigh County, more than 300 signatures were presented to the commission.  From there— landowner concerns were voiced and conveyed to the various county commissions with an official spot on the meeting agenda. The result? A unanimous vote of 5-0 in each of these county’s in opposition to eminent domain for the Summit Pipeline. This is due to tireless efforts from hardworking landowners throughout the state who feel unheard and cast aside by the Burgum Administration.

Landowners across the pipeline route are staying united and looking out for each other. It’s been amazing to watch people take action within their own communities. DRC is proud to spread awareness about this project and DRC is also proud to stand up for the rights of North Dakota’s hardworking farming and ranch communities. Whenever the permit is filed here in North Dakota we will be geared up and ready to go. If you are a landowner along the proposed route and would like to be connected to legal representation, you can learn more and sign up at:

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