Oil Spill Specialist Headlines DRC’s 36th Annual Meeting


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Oil Spill Specialist Headlines DRC’s 36th Annual Meeting

Bismarck, ND—The Dakota Resource Council would like to invite the public to listen to Wilma Subra, a chemist and president of the Subra Company based in New Iberia, Louisiana, speak this Saturday, October 26, at the 36th Annual Meeting of the Dakota Resource Council in Dickinson, North Dakota.

Most recently, Subra has worked on the BP oil spill in the Gulf, natural gas drilling in Dish, Texas, and groundwater contamination from oil and gas drilling in Pavilion, Wyoming.  With the recent pipeline leak near Tioga, North Dakota, there have been a lot of questions from North Dakotans about contamination of water and soil from an oil spill, how to deal with the consequences and how to do better at preventing them from happening in the future.

Subra will discuss these issues from the perspective of a scientist and from her many years of experiences working with communities. In addition to working with communities, Subra has provided technical assistance and served as a member of many commissions and advisory councils from the local to national levels.

Most Dakota Resource Council members are landowners, farmers, ranchers, and small business owners who have dealt with the impacts of oil development, not only in the current Bakken Boom, but in previous booms. DRC’s Build a Better Bakken campaign is aimed at making sure that the lives and livelihoods of the many people who live in the Bakken can thrive while and after our oil resources are developed. DRC is a community-based group with members across the state.  They have invited Subra to North Dakota to learn how other communities and states have handled the consequences and benefits of oil development.

DRC members extend a welcome to the public to Subra’s talk this Saturday, October 26 at the Heart River Retreat Center 2475 West Broadway, in Dickinson, ND at 3:40 pm MDT.