Poll Shows North Dakotans Support Methane Reduction Rule Across Party-lines


Industry-backed members of Congress have initiated a rarely used measure called the Congressional Review Act to repeal a recent rule to reduce waste from natural gas flaring and prevent pollution from oil and gas development on tribal and public lands.

North Dakota Senators will soon vote on the proposal to revoke the rule adopted by the Bureau of Land Management to curtail venting and flaring of natural gas. If Congress votes in favor to repeal it, they will hurt the ability of the BLM to manage an array of issues associated with drilling on public and tribal lands. While the oil and gas industry and its supporters in Congress may cheer these efforts, this action will prevent the federal government from creating similar rules in the future.

Wiping out these new standards at the whim of the industry endangers our climate, pollutes our air and wastes tribal and state tax dollars.

According to a recent poll via Mason-Dixon Polling & Research:

  • State and Federal laws to minimize wasteful leaks caused by careless industry practices are supported by 72% of those who identify as Democrats
  • 60% who describe themselves as Republicans
  • And, 59% of Independents

North Dakotans approve of the state level efforts to reduce flaring in North Dakota and want tougher state standards applied at the

  • Federal level with 70% in favor
  • And at the tribal level with 69% in favor

In fact, the poll shows that Republican support is the strongest in applying North Dakota’s standards to tribal lands with 74% in favor.

By strong majorities, adult residents of North Dakota Support state and federal laws designed to minimize wasteful natural gas leaks caused by industry practices (66%), federal regulations on public and tribal lands that minimize the waste (76%), and require energy companies to invest in technology to make that happen (79%).

The poll shows that voting to weaken regulations designed to reduce wasteful gas leaks and hold companies accountable that do not invest in technology to help reduce those leaks is not supported by people who live here.

Contact Senators Heitkamp and Hoeven and let tell them to vote NO on repealing the BLM methane reduction rule.

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