Tell Senator Heitkamp that North Dakotans support the BLM methane rule

Jan. 6, 2017

Do you care about the quality of the air you breathe? Take action today – tell Senator Heidi Heitkamp that you support the BLM’s methane reduction rule, and as a steward of North Dakota, she should, too. A recently completed rule to curb methane leaks and waste is at risk of being stopped by the rarely used Congressional Review Act, which would require “undone” administrative rules to secure a majority vote in Congress to be reattempted by any federal agency.

Your timely action can make a difference. Will you take a moment and offer your support?

Today, U.S. District Judge Scott Skavdahl, who previously struck down rules on fracking, heard oral arguments in the case filed by the states of North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana, seeking a preliminary injunction to stop the agency’s venting and flaring rule from taking effect Jan. 17. The rule would phase in a limit on flaring over several years, affecting 16 percent of oil wells, which account for 87 percent of gas flared, the BLM said.


In November, the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management finalized rules designed to reduce and prevent methane leaks from oil and gas production on federal and tribal lands. Dakota Resource Council members are active in rallying support for these regulations that govern flaring, venting, and natural gas leaks – long overdue for updates after 30 years. Aside from the economic impact of wasted natural gas (Up to 41 billion cubic feet of natural gas are wasted every year), the public health impacts of flaring are virtually unknown, due to a lack of air quality monitoring and completion of an environmental impact study.

It’s important our state and Congressional leaders hear from you, their constituents. The governor’s proposed budget for 2017-19 sets aside $1 million for legal challenges of the BLM rule and other federal regulations. Your investment in DRC is an investment in holding our state government accountable to the people.

Add your name to the list of people urging Sen. Heitkamp to support the No Waste Rule to curb methane waste today!

Want to know more about the Congressional Review Act? Check out this fact sheet.

Contact organizer Nicole Donaghy to get more involved in this campaign.

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