Tell the Department of Health to Deny Excessive Pollution

The North Dakota Department of Health has opened a public comment period for the expansion of the Fryburg Rail Terminal.

The total amount of Volatile Organic Compounds  (VOC’s) in the outstanding permits in this area is much greater than the 100 ton per year limit for VOC’s. We want to know what is the total amount of air  pollutants coming from these facilities?

Multiple “Minor Source” permits are under consideration within 3 miles of one another and Theodore Roosevelt National Park, in an area that already has compromised air quality. The North Dakota Department of Health considers pollution from these many facilities to be separate. The people who live, work, and play in this area think that is absurd.

Fill in the form to submit your public comment to the Department of Health to tell them to deny the air permit to construct the Fryburg Rail Terminal expansion.



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