Promoting & Safeguarding Family Farms and Ranches

DRC members work to put people first when it comes to agriculture in North Dakota. DRC takes on issues for better policies for family farms, ranchers, and consumers. Some issues we’ve worked for include:

  • Protection of family farms and ranches and preserving North Dakota’s anti-corporate farming law.
  • Fair trade in the livestock market for ranchers.
  • Prevention of genetically modified wheat from being grown in North Dakota.

More recently, DRC members ran a successful campaign to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership and to reject corporate farming by organizing to oppose Measure 1. DRC members organized 3 community conversations, sent over 30 postcards to North Dakota members of Congress, and lobbied in Washington DC to urge elected officials to publicly commit to opposing the TPP. In June members celebrated a victory when 75% of North Dakotans voted NO on Measure 1. Prior, members organized and collected 800 commit to vote cards, organized 4 public lectures, and supported organizing efforts in Buffalo to fight against a 9,000 hog factory farm. DRC continues to stand up for North Dakota’s corporate farming law by attempting to intervene in a federal lawsuit brought by the North Dakota Farm Bureau who want to repeal the entire anti-corporate farming law.

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Learn more about how North Dakotans are impacted by corporate agriculture in our
Farm with No Family video series. Click the image
to see the series.






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