Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act

Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee is expected to vote Wednesday, June 18, on the Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act.

This bill would just declare the pipeline approved, ignoring all of the analyses of environmental impacts, pipeline safety, energy security, our nation’s interest, and hundreds of thousands of public comments on those analyses.

The bill ignores all of the questions raised by residents along the proposed route and concerned citizens around the country, many of which are unanswered.

  • What is TransCanada’s plan for dealing with spills in remote areas of Montana and South Dakota, or over the Ogallala aquifer in Nebraska? Landowners and other residents near the proposed route have been asking to see and comment on TransCanada’s emergency response plan for their communities, but the company has refused to provide them for public review.
  • If most of the tar sands crude is refined and exported overseas, how is that in the U.S. national interest? The refineries that would get tar sands crude from the Keystone XL pipeline already export 60% of the gasoline they refine from crude oil.
  • What route will the state of Nebraska approve, and will it protect the Ogallala aquifer and the Sandhills of Nebraska?Permits for the proposed pipeline in Nebraska are mired in legal opposition and not yet approved.
  • If the pipeline is built and tar sands production triples to 200 million gallons a day by 2030, as the oil industry plans, what will we do about the increase in carbon emissions — the equivalent of putting 45.7 million new cars on the road? If we reject the Keystone XL pipeline, we can keep billions of tons of climate disrupting carbon in the ground.

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