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Running Across ND

Posted: Jun 11, 2014 6:36 PM CDT

When you travel across the state, whether for business or to visit family members, you’ll notice a difference in landscapes from East and West.

That’s the path Caleb Kobilansky is traveling by running across the state, from Grand Forks to Williston — a trip measuring well over 300 miles.

He set out with the idea of making those in the east more aware of the oil boom and the impact on the people of the Bakken.

He has to cover more distance than a marathon every day to make the trek in two weeks.

Occassionally, he walks part of the distance.

On his journey to spread awareness and understanding, Kobilansky has received tremendous support along the way.

(Caleb Kobilansky) “Meeting all the locals that have been supporting us. I mean we’ve been having people pulling over on the side of the road, encouraging us, telling us what we’re doing is great. So that’s been huge, just having the North Dakota community support us.”

When he arrives in Williston on Saturday, he will deliver a letter to the Mayor, signed by people all over the eastern region and hopes to bring one back in return.

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