WATCH VIDEO of the Community Forum on Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline

Nov. 30, 2016

Despite the first blizzard of the season, nearly 200 people filled the room at the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library on Monday, Nov. 28 to hear guests from the Standing Rock Sioux Nation talk about the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Dakota Resource Council, a community-based nonprofit membership organization, hosted the first of multiple community forums on Standing Rock and DAPL. The intent of the event was to create space for respectful, thoughtful dialogue between the community of Bismarck-Mandan and the Standing Rock Nation, something DRC hasn’t yet seen local or state leaders attempt to do.

Speakers included Chairman David Archambault II and youth Gracey Claymore and Clay Byington, both of whom are active in the youth movement, including the youth runners who traveled on foot to Washington, D.C. The format of the forum included time for each presenter and questions from the audience.

[youtube id=”TgYRKD0QHxI” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Chairman Archambault talked about the first of the tribe’s opposition to DAPL, back in 2014, in addition to a brief history about the federal government’s treatment of indigenous people and how that impacts them today. He challenged the audience to study diverse perspectives of history, especially the relationship (or lack thereof) between the federal government and tribal communities.

Archambault also described the difference between a government-to-government consultation and opportunities to participate as a stakeholder in the public input process. Because Standing Rock is a sovereign nation, they shouldn’t have been treated as merely a stakeholder.

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  • I am very glad I watched the video of this meeting. I am completely taken aback. I am surprised and thoroughly disgusted about what I am hearing. I never realized that us “white” people not the government but real citizens treat our Native Americans like this. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I would like to first apologize to our Native Americans for the treatment they have received. Secondly I would like to meet these people of Bismarck or anywhere or anyone that could possibly be so disrespectful to these people. These are the original inhabitants of our country. They should be revered. I knew the government mistreated Native Americans because they are greedy and have no respect. The normal, regular citizens of these states have no earthly reason for this. To hear that these people are uncomfortable coming into town because people look at them like they are lower class is ridiculous. Wow, I have to say I am very surprised and disheartened with humanity. Once again, my very sincere apology to our Native Americans on behalf of the ignorant “white” people. I want you to know not every white is so small and mindless. I wish you could come live in New England. I can assure you, we would love you and treat you as we would any other humans. hmph Shame on you northern states. Too bad, such beautiful country, but I would only visit your states in support of the tribes.

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